Volume 5 – Fall 2014

Attachment Disorders in Adopted Children: A Comparison of Parent Co-Therapy and Child Parent Relationship Therapy (View Poster)
Maria Obermeyer, p. 1-9

The Relation Between Concentration of Vitamin D and Cognition in Young Adulthood into Elderhood: A Correlational Study
Ashley Woodin, p. 10-14

The Effects of Training Puppies on Schizophrenic Patients Living in Assisted Living Facilities
Megan Bekel, p. 15-24

The Effect of Support Groups on the Psychological Well-being of Traumatic Brain Injury Caregivers
Julia Mosley, p. 25-29

Alumna Editor: Nicole DeFont (also serving as editor for Spring 2015)
Formatting Editor: Rosemarie Whyte
Reviewers: Kenny Fuscio (Class of 2014), Maria Greco (Class of 2013), Michele Barry (Class of 2013), Katie Ketterer (Class of 2013), and Chelsea Hepburn (Class of 2014)
Faculty Editor: Dr. Yasmine Kalkstein

We will be accepting for the Spring 2015 issue on a rolling basis with the final deadline being at the end of April.

Not only do the Brainwaves staff participate in the review process for Brainwaves, but they also volunteer to review papers during the semester for current students as they are working on their proposal. For more information, or if you are interested in serving as a reviewer or editor for Volume VI, email brainwavesjournal@gmail.com.