Volume 4 – Spring 2014

The Effectiveness of Post-Abortion Counseling on Self-Esteem and Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms (View Poster)
Chelsea Hepburn, p. 1-5

The Effect of Dog-Assisted Therapy on Cancer Patients in Hospice Care
Allison Turnbach, p. 6-12

The Effect of Sign Language on Behavioral Problems in Children with Autism
Jennifer Remling, p. 13-16

Using Music to Ease Transitional Challenges in Autistic Children (View Poster)
Kenneth Patrick Fusco and Brittany Molyneaux, p. 18-22

The Use of Financial Incentives to Increase Patient Compliance with Antipsychotic Medication
Sinthuja Jayaraj, p. 23-26

The Effects of Equine Therapy on Social Functioning of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (View Poster)
Nicole DeFont, p. 27-31

An Evaluation of a Program to Reduce the Stigma of College Athletes Seeking Counseling (Poster)
Daryl Collymore and Ian Brink

Faculty Editor: Dr. Yasmine L. Kalkstein
Alumna Editor: Michele Barry
Formatting Editor: Rosemarie Whyte
Brainwaves Review Board: Michele Barry, Katie Ketterer, Maria Greco, Corrine McLaughlin, Jacqueline Mancini, Casey McKavanaugh, Elizabeth Uhl, Janine Martins, and Arianna Guereva.

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Faculty Editor Notes: I am grateful to Mayde Pokorny for supporting this project through maintaining the website.  I would like to thank the Chair of Social Sciences Stanley Pyocior for his support. I would also like to thank my reviewers: Corrine, Jacqueline, Casey, Katie, Maria, Elizabeth, Janine, and Arianna. They took a lot of time carefully reviewing papers with a short turn-around.  In addition, they all have been generous with their time mid-semester helping current students with their papers.  I am grateful to Rosemarie Whyte, who does a great job formatting all the papers and getting them ready for publication. Lastly, I am indebted to Michele Barry, who was a fantastic editor and truly did almost all of the managerial work for this issue of Brainwaves.  Her initiative, organization, and responsibility were crucial to making Brainwaves happen.  I congratulate this semester’s authors–you did great!