Volume 3 – Fall 2013

The Effects of Guided Imagery on Fear of Re-Injury in Intercollegiate Athletes Who Underwent Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Surgery (View Poster)
Jacquelyn Mancini and Casey McKavanagh, p. 1-6

Influence of Solitary Confinement on Psychosis
Elizabeth H. Uhl, p. 6-10

The Effects of Art Therapy on the Language Abilities of Autistic Children
Ileah Pacheco, p. 11-16

When Good Celebrities “Go Bad:” Examining Celebrity Worship
Eve-Michelle Ketsoglou, p. 17-21

The Significance of Natural Mentoring during Adolescence on Foster Care Youth Adult Life Outcomes
Corrine McLaughlin, p. 22-29

Call for Papers for Spring 2014

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Alumna Editor: Nancy Fakhouri
Formatting Editor: Rosemarie Whyte
Brainwaves Review Board: Michele Barry, Katie Ketterer, Jennifer Szkolnicki, Samantha Wilson, and Maria Greco

Editor Notes: I would like to thank the Chair of Social Sciences Stanley Pyocior for his support. I would also like to thank my reviewers (Michele Barry, Katie Ketterer, Jennifer Szkolnicki, Samantha Wilson, and Maria Greco). Even though they have graduated from the Mount, they took the time to work on this journal and help current students publish their work. They reviewed papers mid-semester from students, and then blindly reviewed papers for Brainwaves. I’d like to thank Nancy Fakhouri, my alumna editor for her organizational efforts and thoughtful feedback this semester. I’d like to thank Rosemarie Whyte for her work in formatting all the articles for publication. The staff on Brainwaves has to deal with very short deadlines and turn-around times and I am grateful for their patience in dealing with my impatience! I’m also very grateful for Mayde Pokorny, of MSMC Marketing, who continues to provide the support in getting our journal online.

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