Editors’ Notes for the Volume 2 – Spring 2013 Issue

Faculty Editor: Yasmine L. Kalkstein, Ph.D., yasmine.kalkstein@msmc.edu
I enthusiastically thank the Chair of the Division of Social Sciences, Dr. Lawrence Force, for his continued support and encouragement of this project. I thank Mayde Pokorny in the Marketing Department at Mount Saint Mary College for creating the website. I acknowledge Andrew Byrne for his logo and design help. I commend my authors who worked with my very fast deadlines to ensure this issue would be published quickly.

Most of all, I am indebted to the help of my alumni editors, Lauren Camporese and Nicole Piscionere, who volunteered hours of their time this semester to work on this journal. They were selected because of the incredible knack they had for editing and understanding how to structure a literature review. Not only did they serve to review Brainwaves submissions and edit and format those that were selected, but they also individually conferenced with each of my senior seminar students (a class of 23!) to work with them on the development of their research proposals. My students have been so grateful for their help, and I could not have easily managed without them. I wish them incredible success in the future in all their endeavors.

Alumni Editor: Lauren Camporese, lauren.camporese@gmail.com
I would like to thank Dr. Yasmine Kalkstein for giving me the opportunity to be a student editor for this volume of Brainwaves. It was a great learning experience and has helped me to grow in learning to recognize both strengths and weaknesses of a research paper.

Alumni Editor: Nicole Piscionere, npis1438@my.msmc.edu
Thank you to Dr.Kalkstein for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work alongside you. Congratulations to all the students that made it in, you worked very hard and it was a pleasure to assist you all through the process.