Welcome to Brainwaves, a peer-reviewed psychology journal accepting submissions from Mount Saint Mary College seniors.

This journal publishes research proposals based on a contemporary issue in psychology. Submissions are selected based on how well authors have described past research and the problem, justified their proposal, used sound scientific methods in developing their proposal, and communicated their ideas through good writing. Submissions are selected through a double-blind peer review process.

Current Issue: Volume 4, Spring 2014

Past Issues:

Faculty Editor: Dr. Yasmine L. Kalkstein
Alumna Editor: Michele Barry
Formatting Editor: Rosemarie Whyte
Brainwaves Review Board: Michele Barry, Katie Ketterer, Maria Greco, Corrine McLaughlin, Jacqueline Mancini, Casey McKavanaugh, Elizabeth Uhl, Janine Martins, and Arianna Guereva.

Not only do the Brainwaves staff participate in the review process for Brainwaves, but they also volunteer to review papers during the semester for current students as they are working on their proposal. For more information, or if you are interested in serving as a reviewer or editor for Volume V, email brainwavesjournal@gmail.com

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